Cinema ACE, Comscore’s New Theater Management System, is Now Available to All Users

Comscore’s new theater management system, Cinema Auditorium Control Engine (Cinema ACE), will be made available to all users following the completion of its beta launch.

Cinema ACE, which is part of Comscore’s Hollywood Software Suite of Solutions, gives exhibitors the ability to connect auditoriums, centralize content management and automate the transfer of features, trailers and encryption keys. It features a faster, more user-friendly browser-based interface and new automations to speed the completion of weekly content ingestion and show creation tasks. It also includes flexible hosting options for circuits of all sizes, including a database that can be hosted on-site or from the cloud, with full data encryption, allowing theater staff to access the interface from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Comscore’s current theater management system has been installed in cinemas across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The upgrade is available as part of the existing subscription package to current clients. Cinema ACE will be deployed in other territories next year.

“Following our successful beta launch, the new and improved version of Cinema ACE is re-platformed to work on both Windows and Linux operating systems, giving exhibitors multiple options to extend the life of their hardware based on the health of their current system,” said Arturo Guillen, Executive Vice President and Global Managing Director, Comscore Movies. “We’ve redesigned the interface to be more user-friendly, taking feedback from clients about how our TMS could make their jobs easier and incorporating that into both the redesign and the new back-end automations.”

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