Deluxe Launches One VZN, Cloud-Based Technology Delivering Content to Cinemas Faster and More Securely

A new enhancement to the cloud-based platform Deluxe One uses Amazon’s newly-unveiled device Snowcone to deliver content to cinemas more quickly and securely.

Developed with Amazon Web Services (AWS), One VZN — pronounced “One Vision” — aims to end cinemas’ reliance on satellites or the physical delivery of hard drives for films and other content.

Here’s how it works. Amazon Snowcone is a 4.5-pound device with up to 10 terabytes of digital storage, featuring high levels of encryption and security. Using the devices to retrieve and distribute content, including films and trailers, Deluxe’s One VZN allows cinemas to retrieve all content instantly, securely, and less expensively — permitting greater flexibility of content, bookings, and showtimes.

“This solution allows Deluxe to reduce reliance on error-prone, costly, and manual media distribution, while improving data security,” a description from Amazon Snowcone’s website reads. “It also enables their studio and theater customers to respond faster to local market preferences so they can increase their revenue streams.”

The National Association of Theater Owners welcomed the announcement.

“The investment in this solution represents Deluxe’s support for the future of our business and the resiliency of the theatrical market,” NATO CEO John Fithian said in a press release. “We look forward to what Deluxe and AWS are bringing to the market and are excited about all of the possibilities.”

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