Digital Cinema United Adds 100 New Exhibitors to DCU Connect Rollout

Courtesy of Digital Cinema United

Digital Cinema United (DCU) announced the addition of over 100 new exhibitors to the company’s DCU Connect electronic delivery network. DCU continues to rollout DCU Connect at theaters in North America including, Apple Cinemas, Cinepolis USA, Classic Cinemas, Faraway Entertainment, Flix Brewhouse, Galaxy Theatres, Gateway Film Center, iPic Theaters, Laemmle Theatres, Landmark Cinemas of Canada, Lark Theater, LOOK Cinemas, Mary D. Fisher Theater, Studio Movie Grill, as well as Caribbean Cinemas and numerous independent theaters in the Caribbean islands. With the addition of these exhibitors, there are now over 1,500 theaters in the Americas that have joined the DCU Connect electronic delivery network.

DCU Connect is a cloud-based electronic delivery platform designed to download DCPs directly to theaters, only requiring the installation of software. There is no hardware required and the software can be fully integrated with various TMS systems, including Cinema ACE, GDC, Rosetta Bridge, and Screenwriter.

“Digital Cinema United’s rollout strategy of DCU Connect has been well received by both the theatrical exhibition and film distribution community,” said Ronnie Ycong, the executive vice president and general manager of Digital Cinema United, Americas. “As DCU Connect continues to expand across North America and the Caribbean, it will provide an easy, reliable, and more cost-effective DCP delivery network for the entire theatrical industry.”

“We originally agreed to installing DCU Connect with the promise it was fast to install, easy to use and there would be no hardware required,” said Luis Olloqui, the chief executive officer of Cinepolis USA. “Since installing DCU Connect, it has proven to be a very reliable system for our IT and theater operations teams and has helped reduce our film print costs.”

“DCU Connect offers independent and arthouse theater operators like me, with limited staff, an e-delivery platform that can be customized to my needs, provide flexibility for last minute film programming, and not worry when a hard drive will arrive,” said Patrick Schweiss, the executive director of Arizona’s Mary D. Fisher Theater.

Courtesy of Digital Cinema United
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