Digital Lights Sources (DLS) Signed Agreement with AUV to Supply UV-C Light Disinfection Solutions to U.S. Cinemas


(Simi Valley, CA / Lebanon, Indiana – April 22, 2020) Digital Light Sources (DLS) and American Ultraviolet (AUV) are excited to announce an exclusive distribution agreement for DLS to supply UV-C disinfection equipment and systems, in timely preparations for U.S. cinemas to re-open.

Diligent and proactive against Covid-19, we can bring the proven power of UV-C light in air sterilization and surface disinfection to any U.S. movie theater building. This technology works to disinfect HVAC air as well as surfaces and water.

“DLS is very excited to work with AUV on this unique and much needed program,” said Sami Haddad, President of Digital Light Sources. “This opportunity can only emphasize our company’s position and commitment to help the cinema industry win back customer confidence for a sustained recovery from Covid-19.”

American Ultraviolet’s UVC equipment, when utilized correctly, stops the spread of airborne microorganisms – in the air and on surfaces. “We are glad to be the supplier for DLS and look forward to a long term relationship,” says Meredith Stines, President of American Ultraviolet.

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