DTS Announces DTS:X for Immersive Audio Bitstream (IAB)

DTS – a company specializing in audio, imaging, and sensing technology and a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation — announced Monday the launch of DTS:X for Immersive Audio Bitstream (IAB).

The SMPTE standardized immersive audio bitstream ensures a single IAB digital cinema package (DCP) is interoperable with IAB immersive sound-supported theatres, reducing the number of mixes and cinema masters content owners must make. This leads to simplified theatrical distribution and DCP management in theatres, allowing studios and content creators to reduce the number of audio versions needed for a single film title.

DTS:X for IAB conforms with IAB specification ST 2098-2, as defined and published by SMPTE. Movies with an immersive soundtrack can be played back in any auditorium featuring DTS:X for IAB, which makes more immersive content available to exhibitor partners.

DTS:X for IAB rendering is available on multiple devices through long-time Xperi partner GDC and new provider Cinionic. DTS:X for IAB capable devices include GDC SX-4000, GDC SX-4000X, GDC SR-1000X and Barco APX. Implementation of DTS:X for IAB has begun with several beta sites capable of DTS:X for IAB playback in theatres across Hong Kong, Singapore, and France, with plans for more theatres transitioning to DTS:X for IAB soon.

Implementation of the DTS:X for IAB renderer supports all elements in the SMPTE 2098-2 IAB specification. DTS has also developed an open-source IAB validation application capable of testing conformance with ST 2098-2 and IAB Profile 1.

“DTS:X for IAB continues to position DTS:X as a leader in the cinema audio industry,” Xperi’s Vice President of Content Relations and Strategy Loren Nielsen said in a press release. “IAB opens the door to broader DTS:X adoption in theatres and plays a critical role in enabling studios to reduce their overall title mixing and mastering versions. DTS:X for IAB also supports high frame rate content (HFR).”

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