Everyman Cinemas Selects Unique X RosettaBridge TMS

Courtesy of Unique X

Unique X announced today a new agreement with Everyman Media Group to deploy RosettaBridge TMS to all Everyman Cinemas locations. Unique X has worked with Everyman and Bell Theatre Services to develop a rolling program of deployment to both new and existing hardware types. The collaborative approach to site switch over enables Everyman to seamlessly move site operations to RosettaBridge TMS, with the end goal of standardizing services and workflow across all locations. RosettaBridge Theatre Management System is an operational hub, which integrates with the cinema’s POS for scheduling, building shows, and automated integration with Everyman’s pre-show advertising provider, Pearl & Dean. The addition compliments Everyman’s existing use of Unique X’s Smart Trailering product, which is a fully automated and centralized trailer scheduling system. Everyman will also have access to RosettaLive, the live content streaming platform supplied and operated by Unique X.

Phil Morris, the chief commercial officer of Unique X, said, “We have always believed that through integrating various products from the Unique X portfolio, Everyman can achieve operational excellence; it is a shared goal and one we are delighted to be able to deliver to such an innovative and premium chain as Everyman. We look forward to working with our friends at Everyman in the coming years to provide further market leading innovation.”

Everyman’s Head of Technical, Nick Davey commented, “It has been a pleasure working with Unique X over the last few years. Not only have their various platforms proven invaluable to us, but their team – both individually and collectively – are fantastic and we look forward to developing this relationship going forward.”

Courtesy of Unique X

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