EVO Entertainment Group and Influx Launch New Mobile App

Courtesy of Influx

EVO Entertainment Group and Influx Worldwide have launched the first phase of a multi-year digital partnership. The duo is teaming up to create a personalized experience for EVO’s customers through technology and guest-facing solutions. The first phase of the partnership has delivered a new mobile app, developed by Influx, which makes it easier for EVO’s guests to purchase movie tickets. Future phases will include deploying Influx’s food and beverage ordering technology, additional new features, and a new website, all integrated with EVO’s Elevate Rewards loyalty program. EVO Entertainment uses a number of heterogeneous software systems to power its movie ticketing, food and beverage offerings, loyalty program, gift cards, game cards and bowling alley reservations to offer unified guest journeys.

“EVO Entertainment is committed to providing the most innovative out-of-home experiences possible, using superior technology, service, and amenities,” said Mitch Roberts, chief executive officer of EVO Entertainment Group. “With Influx’s expertise, we are confident that this partnership will result in a truly modern, fully-functional digital platform that will enhance the overall guest experience.”

“We are thrilled to partner with EVO and believe that our combined efforts will create a new standard for out-of-home entertainment,” said Harish Anand Thilakan, chief executive officer and founder of Influx Worldwide. “We are excited to see operators like EVO look at moviegoing alongside other entertainment options, therefore providing opportunities that our planned digital platform will help harness to deliver additional online revenue, increased loyalty, and a more exciting means of engagement.”

“Selecting a partner that could work with our disparate set of software systems was paramount and we’re excited to partner with Influx to bring this to life,” added Roberts.

Courtesy of Influx

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