Exhibitor Benefits LLC Launches Zabofish Cash-Back Mobile App


 Salt Lake City (July 2019)—Online ticketing platform Diamond Ticketing Systems, though its subsidiary Exhibitor Benefits LLC, has announced the launch of zabofish, a mobile rewards app for the cinema industry.

Says Exhibitor Benefits LLC president Barry McCann, zabofish is “the only private-label ‘cash-back’ mobile rewards program in the industry.”m With competition from a growing list of streaming providers, the app is designed to provide new revenue streams for exhibitors in any economy or market. The app will also provide theater management with patron purchase activity and preference data. Targeted promotions can be performed quickly with real-time reporting. 

Through zabofish, cinemas will be able to sell fully-integrated premium memberships to guests with instant cash-back rewards, special pricing, and other rewards available only to members. 

The app offers private-label branding for each theater. For the initial membership campaign, exhibitors receive private-label marketing and training materials, including trailers, based on their current online banner headlines and signage. 

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