Flix Brewhouse Installs GDC Cinema Automation Circuit Wide

Image Courtesy of Flix Brewhouse

GDC Technology Limited (GDC) has announced that dine-in cinema chain Flix Brewhouse will employ Cinema Automation (CA2.0) designed to fully automate cinema operations. CA2.0 incorporates an integrated centralized storage and playback system (SCL) designed to streamline content management and increase efficiency. SCL servers offer each auditorium access to a wide assortment of movies without the need for local storage attached to every media server. Storage capacity can be customized based on the number of screens (up to 30) and the number of movie titles (up to 2,000 movies) to be stored and streamed to any auditorium on-demand.

Flix Brewhouse was founded in 2011 and now operates nine dine-in cinema concepts in Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin. Flix Brewhouse incorporates a fully functioning microbrewery and exhibits first-run blockbuster movies, while serving food and craft beer brewed in-house. The circuit features a premium large format concept called ‘Flix Maximum Experience’ (MX), with 360-degree sound technology, 4K projection, and a 60-foot-wide HD parabolic silver screen.

“As a company with deep roots in hospitality, Flix Brewhouse is committed to always providing our guests with the best possible cinema dining experience,” said President of Flix Brewhouse, Chance Robertson. “We rely on our vendor partners, such as GDC to provide innovative technologies to achieve our vision to be the Gold Standard in the communities we serve. GDC’s Cinema Automation was selected for its fail-safe design, which is not available from any other company, along with the ease of operation and labor savings.”

“CA2.0 was developed from our 20-year knowledge of digital cinema and constantly working with our exhibitors,” said Annie Wang, president of GDC Technology (USA). “At the end of Q1 2022, more than 250 cinema multiplexes worldwide have installed GDC’s CA2.0 cinema automation. Our latest customer – Flix Brewhouse circuit will be provided with technology that is ahead of its time, solving operational issues with automation designed for today’s and tomorrow’s digital cinema world.”

Image Courtesy of Flix Brewhouse

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