Funimation Films Teams With MediaMation’s MX4D To Offer Immersive My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Screenings


Funimation Films, the theatrical division of Sony Pictures Television’s Funimation, is teaming up domestically with MediaMation to bring My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising to life by giving audiences a truly immersive experience in select MX4D theaters equipped with MediaMation’s EFX theater seats. 

Through a combination of full motion, rumbling, water and air blasts, back and seat pokers, leg and neck ticklers, and wind, MediaMation’s EFX theater seat puts audiences in the center of the action. Atmospheric effects in the auditorium include snow, scents, lighting, fog, rain, and bubbles. This mix of anime and MX4D has proven to be wildly popular in Japan.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will be released on February 26 in more than 1,000 theaters across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. as a limited theatrical engagement in both Japanese (with English subtitles) and English dub. Advanced tickets are open for pre-sale on the film’s official website.

My Hero Academia has captivated audiences beyond the core anime and Japanese entertainment fans through unique storytelling around the global superhero phenomenon. The series has introduced a number of diverse characters who each have their own special “Quirk” (a special superhuman ability). My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising serves as a standalone film that will continue bringing superhero action and adventure to a wide range of audiences. 

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