Galalite Debuts New Mirage XDL Silver Screen at Big Cine Expo

Indian screen company Galalite launched its new silver screen Mirage XDL 1.2 silver screen at Big Cine Expo in Mumbai. The technology was installed at the convention’s theater.

Yusuf Galabhaiwala, director of operations at Galalite, said, “We’ve had many firsts for the world this year and Mirage XDL 1.2 is one of them. It was really incredible to have such a great response for the first-of-its-kind silver screen with a really low gain of 1.2, providing excellent center-to-edge uniformity all over the screen yet preserving polarization from laser projectors, which is possible only through Galalite’s very own Lensray technology.”

Galalite reported that Don Shaw, senior director of sales at leading projection company Christie Digital, praised the screen’s efficiency in reflecting true colors from RGB laser projectors. The screen was also installed at Christie’s stall at the Expo.

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