GDC Equips Hong Kong’s K11 Art House Cinema with Latest Tech Solutions

Image Courtesy of GDC Technology

GDC has equipped a new art house cinema in Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA shopping mall with an array of their latest tech offerings. The K11 Art House cinema was launched by UA Cinemas and has quickly established itself as one of Hong Kong’s highest profile cinemas.

The cinema covers 6,000 square meters and consists of 12 auditoriums. All 12 audtoriums are equipped with laser projectors and 11 of them are equipped with the next generation GDC SR-1000 and SX-4000 media servers. The SR-1000 is installed in 3 auditoriums, and the SX-4000 is installed in 8 auditoriums. The SR-1000 is the first Integrated Media Block (IMB) compatible with three generations of projection technologies and without required connection to hard disks. The SX-4000 immersive sound media server is most characterized by its compatibility with 5.1/7.1 surround sound and the support for multiple immersive sound formats.

In addition, K11 Art House also uses GDC’s terrestrial broadband Electronic Delivery Service (EDS), the only method of delivering Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) to cinemas in Hong Kong for three years. Accordingto GDC, since the amount of data DCP’s contain cannot reliably transfer over standard IP networks, DCPs are typically delivered to individual theaters by satellite or by shipping specialized hard drives via express courier. But there are challenges with both methods — and neither is conducive to a seamless, fully digital workflow that supports further digital innovation. EDS safely enables cloud-based transferring services of up to 100GB in approximately three to five hours with 100 Mbps broadband Internet speed.

To manage content playback, K11 Art House installed TMS-2000, the latest generation theater management system developed by GDC. The solution enables the cinema to be managed in a centralized manner. TMS-2000 features playing and equipment condition display monitoring from one single access and integrates screen monitor, content management with enhanced performance that facilitates centralized management of contents and KDM, a “smarter” program scheduler that gives alarm in case of the absence of CPL or the failure of KDM, and intelligent recovery that makes replacement of servers easier and faster.

“K11 Art House goes beyond the traditional concept about cinemas, taking the experience to a higher level through the forces of creativity, culture and innovation with the game-changing technologies and products to ensure the best possible moviegoing experience,” said Ivan Wong, managing director of UA Cinemas.

Image Courtesy of GDC Technology

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