Hawaii’s Consolidated Theatres Renovates Cinemas in Kahala and Kapolei

Consolidated Theatres, an affiliate of Reading International, Inc. that operates nine theaters in Hawaii, is undergoing renovation at two of its key venues.

The newly-renovated Consolidated Theatres at Kahala Mall will reopen on November 5, 2021 with new recliners in all eight auditoriums; a new cafe and bar with table and counter service, featuring local artwork; an expanded food and drink menu, including new alcohol options; and reserved seating. The Consolidated Theatres at Kapolei Entertainment Centre, meanwhile, will be undergoing a renovation during the 2021 holiday season, with plans to open near the end of the year. Updates will include recliners and reserved seating; a renovated lobby; and an expanded menu with local craft beer, select wine, and bottled cocktails.

“While it is a challenging time for global exhibitors, Consolidated Theatres has creatively engaged with audiences while always keeping the safety and well-being of our guests as our paramount concern, and our guests have responded in kind with wonderful support,” said Rod Tengan, Division Manager. “As the industry begins to rebound with new movies, and our guests return to the Big Screen to watch films as they are meant to be seen, we look forward to unveiling these beautifully renovated spaces in Kahala and Kapolei – and hope this commitment to guest experience across our island communities speaks volumes about our gratitude.”

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