Kinepolis Re-Closes U.S. MJR Cinemas Locations, Re-Opens Cinemas in the Netherlands

MJR Digital Cinemas' Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16 location; image courtesy Kinepolis.

Multi-national exhibitor Kinepolis has provided an update on the state of their circuit in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, taking into account the last few weeks of re-openings and re-closures due to a spike in Covid-19 cases in a number of countries worldwide.

  • In the U.S.—where they operate as MJR Digital Cinemas—Kinepolis was able to reopen their theaters on October 9 following a lifting of government regulations in the state of Michigan. Earlier this week, cinema closures were put into effect once again, and all ten of MJR’s locations (all located in Michigan) have shut down with an “anticipated reopening date” of December 9.
  • In Canada, 20 of Kinepolis’ 45 cinema locations—operating under the Landmark Cinemas of Canada brand—are currently temporarily closed. Re-closures are in effect in that country in Ontario and Manitoba.
  • November 19 saw cinemas in the Netherlands—re-closed per government regulations since November 4—allowed to open their doors once again to a maximum of 30 people per screen. Kinepolis has re-opened in cinemas in that country, though guests are currently unable to buy food and beverages. Kinepolis operates 19 cinemas in that country.
  • The Spanish markets of Granada and Barcelona remain closed due to a spike in Covid numbers. Cinemas in the other Spanish provinces remain open, though—Kinepolis notes—”the situation is being closely monitored.” Kinepolis operates eight cinemas in Spain.
  • Kinepolis’ one cinema in Switzerland, located in the town of Schaffhausen, remains open with a capacity limit of 50 people per screen.
  • Kinepolis’ three cinemas in Luxumbourg, reopened since June 17, have since the end of October been subject to a ban on the sale and consumption of food and beverages. They also must adhere to a capacity limit of 100 people per screen.

Aside from the above-mentioned countries, Kinepolis operates cinemas in in Belgium, France, and Poland. Per UNIC, all cinemas in Belgium are closed until mid-December; a national lockdown, including the closure of cinemas, has been in effect in France as of October 30; and cinemas in Poland closed on November 7 until at least November 29.

“As long as its activities are subject to closures and reopening under strict conditions, including capacity restrictions and the ban on the sale of drinks and snacks, Kinepolis will continue to optimally manage its cost structure and will align the staffing levels, both in cinemas and the Cinema Support Centres, as much as possible to the activity in the countries concerned,” said Kinepolis in a statement.

MJR Digital Cinemas' Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16 location; image courtesy Kinepolis.

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