Thai Exhibitor Major Cineplex Launches ‘Super APP,’ the Country’s First AI-Assisted App for Moviegoers


Major Cineplex Group announced 2019 marketing plan will fully focus on Mobile Marketing in order to serve the needs and lifestyle of customers in 4.0 era, where Digital Technology has significantly changed people lives, especially mobile phones that play important role in our daily life. Therefore, the company spent budget on developing the new application “Super APP”, which use AI system to improve movie experience to be simple, convenient, fast, be able to understand and access user behaviours. Following the great success of current application, Major Movie Plus, which has been ranked by Appsynth as Thai application in entertainment business with the highest download hits in last decade available on App Store. Major Cineplex Group is confident that new application “Super APP” will serve better the needs and lifestyle of customers than previous application. Also it is expected that the download of new “Super APP” application will increase and expand the number of online booking as well as customer base.

Narute Jiensnong, Chief Marketing Officer, Major Cineplex Group (Public) Company Limited, revealed that in 2019, the Company’s marketing strategy will fully focus on Mobile Marketing to serve the rapidly changing of customer needs and lifestyle. Since mobile phone plays a very important role in our daily lives, Major Cineplex Group will focus on Major 5.0 policies. In other words, all processes must be digitalized and everything must be on mobile phone. We thus adapt constantly, fast and non-stop. Moreover, we need to take effort to understand technologies and use it wisely.

Customer’s lifestyle changes faster every year, therefore marketing trend must be adapted along with customers. We need something new in order to support customer service. We currently have Major Movie Plus application which has constantly developed new features such as additional of movie booking and online payment channels, for example Facebook Ticketing, Major Chat Bot, Merchants Ticketing, QR Payment, Pay by Points and Major Quick Payment. As a result, online booking channels have expanded. Recent report from Appsynth, the application development business in Thailand, reveals that Major Movie Plus is the Thai application in entertainment business with the highest download hits in last decade available on App Store.

Accordingly, the company allocated the budget to develop advanced technology in order to serve the needs and lifestyle of customers. In the first quarter of this year, the Company is ready to launch new application “Super APP”, which is the first application in cinema business that implement AI system as an intelligent assistant, making movie experience simple, convenient, fast, be able to understand and access user behaviours. This is expected to increase the number of customers booking movie tickets via online channels as well as customer base.

New application “Super APP” has been co-developed together with MTEL, the number one Digital Solution Provider in Hong Kong, as Smart Application by connecting all services and movie experiences together, from movie information searching services as well as movie ticket booking and using it at the cinema. In addition, there are entertaining activities, promotions and special offers including membership system with privileges and redeeming of various awards that users can manage by themselves within the application, making the application an ecosystem that covers all aspects of movie experiences in accordance with today’s business such as Big Data, Advertisers & Sponsors, Social Influence, Loyalty Program. In order to create a seamless intelligent experience in movie ticket booking, the following new features are now available:

  • Express Ticketing Special features that will make movie ticket booking simple, customers can receive QR Ticket to watch movie within 3 clicks using an intelligent AI system that will help remember customer’s behaviour and lifestyle in watching movies, helping you to choose cinema, showtime and favourite seat.
  • Social Seating Booking movie tickets will not be monotonous anymore with seat selection system that shows your own profile picture. Watching movies with friends will be easy. You can locate your friends in any cinema and seat number using this Social Seating feature.
  • Major Live Major Cineplex Super APP will be movie information center for you. You will be able to search movie information, check out hot movies that movie lovers are talking about or engage in many activities for rewards in Major Live, which can be called a social media of movie lovers.
  • Smart Movie Assistant Major Cineplex Super APP is equipped with AI/ML system, which is able to determine customers’ favourite movies from their behaviours to provide smarter service in presenting up-coming movie programs, new movies as well as movie programs and movie cinemas that customers watch regularly.
  • Movie Experience Major Cineplex Super APP will act as source of Movie Information, Trailer and Insight Content. The system will remember movie trailer according to customers’ interest as well as assisting in Ticketing Flow, advance ticket sale including special programs such as Movie on Demand, Movie Festival and concerts that can be paid through various channels such as M Cash Card, credit card, debit card, Online Banking, e Wallet, points redemption and promotions from Major Cineplex Group and various partner customers.
  • Digital Major Experience Major Cineplex Super APP will leverage benefits of M GEN membership to be more special with a variety of rewards that can accumulate points, check points and redeem rewards easier, together with payment channels, whether M Cash and Online Payment that you can easily manage by yourself.
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