Major Cineplex Teams with Cinionic for Laser Light Upgrades

Courtesy of Cinionic

Cinionic has announced a new initiative to bring laser projection by Cinionic to over 200 screens in Thailand and Cambodia. The project leverages Cinionic’s laser light upgrade solution to elevate the moviegoing experience, while reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of Major Cineplex’s theaters. The deal marks the latest evolution in a decade-long partnership between Major Cineplex and Cinionic, through founder Barco. With laser light upgrades, Major Cineplex is extending the lifetime of its legacy Barco projection fleet through the addition of new laser technology. All laser solutions from Cinionic offer reduced energy consumption and elimination of consumables for a more environmentally friendly cinema business. The Major Cineplex laser renewal project is currently underway and expected to be completed later this year.

“What we try to do is to create the best cinematic experience for our customers with crisp, realistic, bright images,” says Vicha Poolvaraluk, the chief executive officer of Major Cineplex, “We’re implementing the Green Cinema concept for sustainability of environmental protection by saving energy and reducing the use of consumables at the same time. Installing Cinionic’s laser projection system can answer both of our questions. I believe that customers will have a better movie experience and create a new standard for cinema. This enhanced experience will play a part in attracting audiences back to the cinema by providing an experience that they cannot find at home.”

“Exhibitors like Major Cineplex are responding to the expectations from audiences for better, brighter movie presentation,” says Wim Buyens, the chief executive officer of Cinionic. “By moving to Laser Projection by Cinionic, Major Cineplex joins theaters around the world in setting a new standard for cinema that will continue to ‘wow’ moviegoers for years to come. We are proud to continue our partnership with them and support their work in delivering a more efficient, sustainable future for entertainment in Thailand.”

Courtesy of Cinionic
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