MetaMedia Entertainment Network Surpasses 3,000 Screens, Announces Global Partnership with HCL Technologies

Image Courtesy of MetaMedia

Upon securing a long-term partnership agreement with global technology company HCL Technologies, MetaMedia — the world’s first global, cloud-based distribution platform for cinemas, drive-ins, and other out-of-home venues — announced Friday that it has expanded its entertainment network to more than 3,000 screens across the U.S. and Canada, covering all the top 50 cities.

Under MetaMedia’s partnership with HCL — which provides infrastructure, operations, and support for some of the world’s leading technology companies — HCL will develop, integrate and maintain solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for MetaMedia’s scalability, security, and functionality. Under the new agreement, HCL will provide MetaMedia with engineering teams to expand its platform’s capabilities and hardware support for a platform utilizing high performing Dell workstations. The expansion will include an interactive theater network, as well as deployments into new international markets.

HCL will also develop and operate a custom network operation center that will allow MetaMedia to monitor real-time platform performance, control remote cameras and microphones, and facilitate theater-to-theater and studio-to-theater interactions. This technology will support marketing efforts, panel discussions, focus groups, corporate events, product introductions, e-sports, and other live events.

At the core of this rapid growth is the MetaMedia Entertainment Network, which provides for the secure, rapid, targeted, and cost-saving cloud-based delivery of programming such as movies, live-streamed events, and advertising. Over the last year, MetaMedia expanded the MetaMedia Entertainment Network via partnerships with several major global cinema operators, including Cinemark, Cinépolis, Landmark Cinemas of Canada, Emagine Entertainment, and the Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) as well as a number of independently-owned drive-ins.

Earlier this year, the company also partnered with Harena Data, Inc., a data analytics, league development and player management tool for the esports industry, and Encore Live’s Encore Drive-In Nights, which showcases live experiences, such as a Bon Jovi concert, at drive-in venues and select cinemas. In August, MetaMedia announced a partnership to bring Magic Screen, the world’s first interactive platform for animated and live content, to cinemas and other out-of-home venues around the world.

“HCL is proud to support MetaMedia with its top-tier design, engineering and deployment services for its global expansion,” said Anil Ganjoo, Corporate Vice President, HCL Technologies. “HCL has enabled many media and entertainment companies to deploy disruptive technology platforms. MetaMedia’s platform for digital out-of-home entertainment programming and distribution is generating a lot of great industry attention, and we look forward to helping them grow and succeed.”

“For our company born just last year, having access to 3,000 available screens is a significant milestone,” said Jason Brenek, CEO, MetaMedia. “Thanks to a number of critical, strategic partnerships, we’ve been able to continue to expand our network despite last year’s challenges. We’re excited to partner with HCL, which has a long, proven track record of assisting many reputable and successful tech companies scale globally.”

“We picked HCL specifically because of their expertise in global platform development and management, as well as their worldwide reach with top-tier experts in all the countries we have targeted for our next wave of expansion,” MetaMedia CTO Shai Priyadarshi added. “Our new partnership with HCL ensures our infrastructure continues to keep pace with our rapid growth and helps us maintain the best-in-class service we provide for premium content providers, cinemas and other out-of-home venues around the world.”

Image Courtesy of MetaMedia

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