MUBI Launches Streaming-Cinema Hybrid Subscription MUBI GO in the US on October 29

MUBI Will be expanding its streaming-cinema hybrid subscription plan, MUBI GO, in the United States on October 29. The MUBI GO is a membership tier that gives subscribers to MUBI’s streaming platform tickets for a specially curated title at participating cinemas each week.

The service will launch in the United States with New York on October 29 with plans to expand in select markets nationwide, beginning with Los Angeles, in early 2022. MUBI GO launched in the UK in 2018 and India in 2019; representatives of the company were present at Art House Convergence in January 2020 where they discussed its imminent US expansion.

The first theatrical film available for New York City subscribers of MUBI GO is Netflix title Passing, directed by Rebecca Hall. The film has garnered strong reviews since its debut at Sundance 2021, and will be available to MUBI GO members at NYC’s IFC Center and Paris Theater during the film’s exclusive theatrical run ahead of its Netflix debut on November 10. The rest of the MUBI GO slate Will be announced in the coming weeks. Participating locations in the program include Film Forum, Film at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, IFC Center, Nitehawk Cinema, the Paris Theater, with more to be announced.

“We can’t wait to launch MUBI GO in the US,” said Chris Mason Wells, Director of Distribution at MUBI in the US. “The theatrical moviegoing experience is so essential, and we’re thrilled to extend MUBI’s curatorial voice beyond our streaming platform to hand-pick great films for people to watch in theaters — first in New York, then across the whole country.”

Existing MUBI streaming subscribers in New York will be upgraded to MUBI GO at no additional cost. The service will be available to new MUBI subscribers at a promotional price of $10.99/month for a limited time.

MUBI GO’s launch in the United States comes as cinemas around the world, from major circuits to art houses, continue to explore hybrid models with their own streaming services. 

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