MediaMation and French Exhibitor Cinemovida Announce MX4D Installation at Perpignan Theater

MX4D provider MediaMation and French exhibitor Cinemovida have announced the installment of a 60-seat MX4D Motion EFX Theater at Cinemovida’s location in Perpignan, France.

MX4D theaters include such effects as wind, rain, scent, “back pokers” and motion in an effort to create a more immersive experience for moviegoers.

“Even if the pandemic crisis makes us suffer, our goal remains the same: to continue expanding and to be at the top of technology,” said Stephan Miche, Secretary General of Cinemovida, in a statement. “Our investment in MX4D fulfills one of these goals!”

The Perpignan theater is still awaiting a reopening date.

The Cinemovida theater in Perpignan, France. (Image Courtesy of Cinemovida)
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