National Cinema Day Coming to the UK on September 3 with £3 Tickets for All Films at Participating Theaters

Cinemas across the UK will be lowering their prices to just under £3 for the market’s National Cinema Day on September 3. Over 550 theaters will participate in the event, including all of the UK’s major circuits and a range of regional and local cinemas. Participating cinemas and further details about the one-day event can be found at

National Cinema Day is an initiative of Cinema First, an industry trade body promoting moviegoing on behalf of its constituents in the UK Film Distributors’ Association and UK Cinema Association. 

UK box office admissions is currently tracking 20% behinf the pre-pandemic heights of 2018 and 2019, which also represented the market’s highest years in attendance since 1970, according to Cinema First. The UK had previously hosted similar programs in the late 1990s. Similar Cinema Day and Cinema Week programs have 

found success in recent years across several top European markets, including France and Spain.

 “There seems no better time than now to celebrate UK cinema-going, one of the nation’s favourite out-of-home leisure activities,” says Iaim Jacob, Chair of Cinema First. “Coming off the back of a very strong summer for the sector and looking forward to further film highlights over the rest of the year, we wanted to give everyone a chance to enjoy the big screen experience. While all the evidence confirms that cinema-going is amongst the most low-cost, best value-for-money leisure opportunities, we also of course recognise that there are significant impacts on household finances, brought about by the current cost of living crisis and wanted to do our bit to make a trip to the cinema even more affordable for the whole family We look forward to National Cinema Day being a huge success.”

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