National CineMedia Adds VIP Cinemas

Courtesy National CineMedia

National CineMedia (NCM) has announced the expansion of its network with the addition of VIP Cinemas. Headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, VIP Cinemas is a family-owned and operated circuit of 17 theaters across eight states. NCM is also extending service agreements with an additional 10 exhibitors in the U.S. including Cinergy Entertainment, GQT Movies, MJR Digital Cinemas and United Entertainment Corp. NCM’s network of exhibitors gains access to the Noovie family of content including Noovieverse, Perri’s Picks, and The Noovie Trivia Show.

“As a small theater chain emerging out of COVID-19, maximizing revenues and reducing workloads through streamlined processes have become top priorities. NCM has demonstrated they are the perfect strategic partner to achieve both of those goals,” shared Jake McSparin of VIP Cinemas.

“It’s such a pleasure to continue providing top-notch pre-show entertainment and revenue to these partners,” said Jennifer Lupo, NCM’s vice president for affiliate partnerships. “As we’ve re-imagined our Noovie pre-show to be more engaging and relevant to movie-going audiences, we’re proud to have the support and trust of the exhibitor community. Together, providing the best patron experience is our goal.”

“We are excited to renew and continue our partnership with NCM. They have been a tremendous partner of ours at MJR Theatres and their innovation and commitment to the theatrical experience has been exceptional. They stepped up and stayed diligent during the pandemic and have come out on the other side with an even stronger and more creative approach to digital advertising that will benefit MJR and our guests. It’s a pleasure to work with such a devoted and talented group of individuals,” said Joel Kincaid, vice president of operations for MJR.

“We are very pleased to renew our partnership with NCM. We’ll be able to continue to show NCM’s engaging pre-show, and we’ll be adding their newest content offerings to share with our guests. Cinema exhibition is back, and the movies are as good as ever. This renewed partnership between Cinergy and NCM reflects the historical durability and a new future for the cinema industry,” said Cinergy Entertainment chief financial officer Rich Schwarte.

Courtesy National CineMedia
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