OREO Popcorn Kits Product Launched

Photo courtesy Gold Medal Products, Co.

OREO cookies have announced a partnership with Gold Medal Products Co. to create a new concession: OREO Popcorn Kits.

Four options are currently available for purchase: a $130 version with four kits, a $135 version including popping oil, a $136 version including popping bags, and a $141 version including both popping oil and popping bags. They can be ordered at https://shop.gmpopcorn.com/collections/oreo-popcorn-kits or by calling 800-543-0862.

“Now with OREO Popcorn Kits, venues will be able to capture customers’ interest with a compelling and exciting product,” Gold Medal president Adam Browning said in a press release. “We look forward to sharing OREO Popcorn through movie theaters, gourmet popcorn shops, and all types of concession stands across America.” 

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