QSC Announces Q-SYS Plugin for Barco Cinema Projectors

Image courtesy QSC

QSC has announced a new Barco plugin for their Q-SYS Ecosystem, a software-based platform that offers audio, video and control (AV&C) features for cinemas.

The new control plugin will work  for Barco Series 1 and 2 Digital Cinema Projectors. 

QSC’s first digital cinema projector plugin, launched in October of last year, was created for Christie digital projectors. The new Barco plugin allows users to control “macros (channels), power on/off, lamp, douser, and lens adjustment along with key status indicators. And, you can bring all of this functionality to a control surface on a Q-SYS network touchscreen controller, iOS UCI viewer, or HTML interface,” writes QSC’s Director, Global Cinema Marketing Mark Mayfield.

Adds Mayfield: “The Q-SYS Ecosystem is, and always has been, the most scalable, flexible, and powerful platform for audio, video, and control for virtually any environment that depends on technology to deliver a value proposition.”

The Q-Sys Barco plugin is available via the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager, a cloud-based feature that allows users to access and, download, and install plugins enabling Q-Sys to work with third-party devices. 

Image courtesy QSC

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