Qube Wire and Auwe Digital Surpass 100 Installs in Brazil

Qube Wire and Auwe Digital have announced that the content delivery network the two companies are building together in Brazil has grown to 100 theaters. Qube’s new Virtual WireTAP solution allows theaters to utilize existing hardware to facilitate their connection to Qube Wire.

Qube Wire’s cloud delivery platform enables content delivery directly to theaters equipped with one of the WireTAP solutions. Cloud-based broadband delivery has operational advantages over satellite delivery, including a significant reduction in the time and manual labor involved in delivering cinema content across the network.

Qube Wire’s user interface helps distributors manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content, and deliver their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) to movie theaters. Additionally, theaters can manage their own digital cinema device details, download KDMs, and access details about all of the movies they are showing via their individualized web portal.

“This month we surpassed 100 cinema installs. The change to a device like Qube’s Virtual WireTAP which does not require specific hardware, has boosted acceptance. The flexibility and speed of deliveries have encouraged adoption by exhibitors and distributors. This year we plan to expand the network to an additional 100 theaters.” says José Eduardo Ferrão, the chief executive officer of Auwe Digital.

“For us, Qube Wire is like switching from water to wine,” said Milton Durski, the chief executive officer of the Cineplus cinema chain. “With Auwe-Qube Wire, I no longer need dedicated staff to manage HD logistics, no more missed sessions with corrupted files and HDD return costs. There is much more flexibility to switch schedules, almost to the day of the movie opening.”

Commenting on the significance of the Brazil rollout Mark Waterston, the senior vice president of Qube Wire, said, “We are so happy to see more theaters join the Qube Wire network in Brazil. Distributors across South America are looking for better ways to deliver their movies, and we are happy to be able to provide this solution. We hope to expand across the rest of the continent soon.”