Qube Wire Streamlines Operations for Theater Chains


Las Vegas, April 2, 2019 –Qube Cinema announced that its content distribution service, Qube Wire has currently over 42,000 screens actively using its application. Theaters use the portal to track content that is being delivered to them and manage their theatre operations. While Qube Wire’s Distributor Portal enables distributors to book content to theaters across geographies, the Exhibitor Portal allows cinema chains, independent screens and digital cinema integrators to manage their facility details, view and download their KDMs, or choose to automatically forward the KDMs to the correct target facilities. To support these operations, a team ensures the accuracy of the theatre data and provides around-the-clock technical support.

Some of the major cinema chains using the service include:

• Cinemark, USA

• Cinemex, Mexico

• Cinepolis, India

• Cine Starz, Canada

• Event Cinemas, New Zealand

• Kuwait National Cinema Company, Kuwait

• Regal, USA

• SPI Cinemas, India

• Village Cinemas, Australia

As Aldo Sánchez González, the Manager of Projection for Cinemex, a leading chain in Mexico explains, “Using an online platform means that our TDL (Trusted Devices List) can be updated by any approved Cinemex personnel with access to the Qube Wire system at any time. This reduces the time of response and increases the accuracy of our TDL. Now, that is easier and faster to update, the information is more reliable and always available.”

Speaking of the ease of use of Qube Wire’s integrated functionality, Brandon Corrier, Film Buyer at Regal says, “With the creation and integration of Qube Wire’s online portal, it has been a smooth and positive experience for Regal. Our theatres are able to get tracking, KDM’s, and Qube support all in one place with ease.”

Qube Wire saw major growth in 2018. There was a 96% increase in distributors using the service, 40% more countries received deliveries of content, and more than a thousand movies were distributed over the network. Qube Wire is also providing exhibitors and distributors a platform for electronic delivery of feature film and trailer DCPs across the globe. Qube Cinema started the commercial rollout of its electronic DCP network in early 2019. The coverage is expanding across the globe and as part of the offering to theatres, Qube Cinema is offering the Qube WireTAP, a cloud-connected, in-theatre appliance that allows automated delivery of DCPs and KDMs directly to theatres worldwide over broadband and satellite IP networks.

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