Screenvision’s Cinema Network Extends Partnership with B&B Theatres and CEC Theatres

Screenvision Media today announces extended relationships with B&B Theatres and CEC Theatres. B&B Theatres is the fifth largest exhibitor in the United States with 54 locations and 489 screens, while CEC Theatres has 19 locations with 154 screens. So far this year, Screenvision has signed eight exhibitor partner deals, totaling 897 screens. The company’s Marquee Position inventory now spans over 6,000 screens.

“The in-cinema experience is finally and emphatically back. And with an outstanding 2022 slate and moviegoing enthusiasm higher than ever, we are expecting a big year,” said Darryl Schaffer, chief partnership officer, Screenvision Media. “Our extended relationships with B&B Theatres and CEC Theatres speaks to the power of our network and robust interest from advertisers in connecting with the highly engaged and tough-to-reach moviegoer.”

“Nationwide B&B is on an outstanding growth trajectory and as we continue expanding, the strength of our relationships with advertisers becomes even more important,” said Bobbie Bagby Ford, executive vice president, B&B Theatres. “Screenvision and their sales team are important partners and key to our long-term success.”

“Technology increasingly plays an important role in the cinema-going experience,” said Tony Tillemans, vice president, CEC Theatres. “Screenvision has continued to make the investments and upgrades required to deliver an even more engaging pre-show presentation.”

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