Shelli Taylor to Replace Tim League as CEO of Alamo Drafthouse

Image Courtesy Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse—currently with all 41 of its theaters closed, and no immediate plans to reopen, in the midst of the Covid-19 shutdown—is seeing a shift on its executive level.

Tim League, who founded the pioneering drive-in chain in 1997, will be stepping down as CEO. He will remain at Alamo Drafthouse in the role of Executive Chairman, in which capacity he will lead the board of directors and continue to be involved in Drafthouse along with sister companies Mondo and Fantastic Fest. League will continue to take the lead on Alamo Drafthouse’s booking and programming strategy. Says League, “As Executive Chairman I’ll continue to lead the brand, digging hard into developing new creative and marketing initiatives at Alamo Drafthouse, Mondo and Fantastic Fest.”

League’s replacement as Alamo’s CEO, effective May 1, will be Shelli Taylor. Most recently the president of United Planet Fitness Partners, Taylor served for 20 years as an executive at Starbucks, during which time she contributed to the chain’s rapid expansion in China. She has also served as the vice president of Disney English China, per Alamo’s official press release “China’s leading English Language provider delivering immersive English language learning experiences, products, and services for children.”

Alamo has its own plans for expansion, with several to-be-opened theaters at various points of development; that will take a step back for the moment, as the chain’s priority is coming up with a safe and effective reopening plan. Texas theaters are allowed to open as soon as tomorrow, though Alamo has said that they will not.

Says Taylor, “I am incredibly honored and excited to assume the role of CEO at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Tim League and his talented team have built an unequaled cinema brand that is built on passion, innovation, and a local community mindset encompassing everything from food and drink to fantastic programming. I am committed to Alamo Drafthouse’s vision of sharing the films we love with the widest possible audience while offering the best moviegoing experience in the industry.”

Image Courtesy Alamo Drafthouse