Showtime Analytics Announces an Agreement to Integrate its Data Analytics Platform with Ready Theatre Systems

Showtime Analytics has announced an agreement with US based POS provider Ready Theatre Systems (RTS), in which RTS customers will have the ability to utilize the Showtime Analytics product suite. The suite includes tools such as Showtime Insights, Showtime Engage and Customer Analytics. The cloud-based system provides POS and customer data through visual analytics via a standard web browser or mobile device.

Showtime Insights is comprised of interactive dashboards with a view of areas such as tickets, concessions, movies, distribution analysis, occupancy, retail, customer behavior and staffing metrics. User and role-based security allows cinema owners to ensure only relevant content and data are visible to specific job roles and functions.

Showtime Engage brings all individual customer behaviors, touch points and purchase activity together to create a single view of a circuit’s identifiable movie-goers. This gives cinema owners the ability to create and send targeted campaigns to segments of customers with shared behaviors, while also tracking conversions and revenue through the closed loop integration with RTS POS.

Customer Analytics, Showtime’s latest addition to the product suite, will give customers the power to track how their entire identifiable customer base is made up in terms of: how often individuals come, when was the last time they came, and what they are spending on. Cinemas can use this information to shape their marketing strategy accordingly. This visual analysis provides a real-time view of how customers are moving over time, who is coming more or less, who hasn’t returned, etc.

CEO of Showtime Analytics, Richie Power said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer RTS customers access to the Showtime platform so that they can harness the power of their POS and customer data. This partnership is an important step for Showtime as we continue to grow our footprint in the Domestic market and help the Exhibition community to find better ways of working with their own data.”

Larry McCourt, Showtime’s head of business development in the Domestic market added: “Having an integration with a POS provider as significant as RTS allows us to open doors for many Exhibitors in the SMB space who would previously not have had access to this level of strategic data. Having the ability to view their key performance metrics in a realtime, visually rich way will allow them to make on-the-go data based decisions, saving them valuable time, money and resources. Being able to easily market to their customer base in such a smart way will be a game changer for many US based theatres and I am really excited to help our customers grow their businesses through the use of this joint offering.”

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