Social Pulse: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Benefits from Disney Plus Bump

Social Media Snapshot – Monday, November 4 to Sunday, November 11

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, Frozen 2 and No Time To Die all managed to chart in the top 5 across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this past week. Indeed, chatter across the internet as a whole for all three has been hefty and this past week was no different. Outside of Star Wars and Frozen 2 films this holiday season have had a tough time of consistently landing inside the top 5 across these services, far less across more than one. Whether this is because the other offerings are set to underperform or that the gap in interest between Star Wars and Frozen 2 and the other titles is simply huge and skewing the numbers is unclear.


Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalkeronce again led all films on Twitter this past week with 92,555 likes. In terms of retweets Frozen 2 took the crown though with 15,566, narrowly edging out Skywalker’s 14,675. While these two may have dominated overall, Knives Out took home the two top posts of the week, both thanks to the huge popularity of Chris Evans who has seemingly single-handedly given the film a notable presence online.

FilmNew Page LikesPostsPost LikesPost Retweets
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker        7,398 18       92,555       14,675 
Little Women          708       71,324         7,045 
Frozen 2        3,929 19       61,121       15,566 
No Time To Die          809 14       41,918         6,270 
Knives Out       1,300 14       40,461         5,460 

Top 3 Posts:

Knives Out8-Nov8.9
Knives Out6-Nov8.6
Little Women5-Nov8.1
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments


Jedigram was led by Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalkeras usual with 1,319,927 likes, more than every other tracked film combined. What fueled much of its success this past week and indeed the past few months was not information about the film itself but rather news and building excitement for Disney+’s The Mandalorian which debuts November 12. This marketing strategy for the film has been very powerful and used well by Disney. Star Wars was always going to be huge but by offering The Mandalorian on its brand new service a month from the film’s release they are no doubt securing thousands and maybe millions of subscriptions to their streaming service solely for the original series and that buzz only helps to bolster the awareness and anticipation for The Last Jedi. In the past TV spin-offs from films have generally been reactive to film’s success, but Disney has the luxury of being able to lead with a spin-off thanks to the huge success of the Star Wars franchise. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them use this strategy for their Marvel titles going forward as well

FilmNew Followers Posts Post Likes Post Comments
Star Wars        32,277 10 1,319,927       6,915 
Frozen 2        16,263 15 338,566       2,591 
Soul          8,911 307,037       4,809 
No Time To Die           5,820 282,315       1,470 
Jumanji: The Next Level          5,579 112,033          576 

Top 3 Posts:

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker6-Nov8.9
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker6-Nov9.0
* Calculated by Likes + Shares + Comments