Spider-Man: No Way Home Becomes Highest-Grossing Film in Sony Pictures’ History

Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) and Spider-Man battle it out in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

Days after becoming the first film of the pandemic era to cross the $1 billion mark at the box office, Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken yet another record, becoming the highest-grossing film in Sony Pictures’ history.

Said record was previously held by 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, which grossed $1.13B worldwide. Currently, No Way Home‘s global cume stands at $1.16M, split across $516.4 domestic and $644.9 internationally. The film’s top international markets, as of Tuesday the 28th, were the United Kingdom ($76.6M), Mexico ($57.9M), South Korea ($43.2M), France ($42.1M), and Australia ($35.9M). Notably absent from the list is China, where Spider-Man: No Way Home has not yet been released, making the film’s record-breaking haul all the more impressive. (Far From Home did screen in China, to the tune of $198.9M over its run.)

Further potentially limiting factors in No Way Home‘s release was a new series of Covid-imposed shutdowns and restrictions affecting certain international markets during the film’s opening two weekends; these include Quebec (where theaters were subject to limited capacity, then ordered to close days later) and British Columbia (50% capacity) in Canada, as well as curfews in South Korea and cinema closures in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium—though Belgium has since re-opened their cinemas.

Top International market cumes through Tuesday, December 28

United Kingdom$76.6 million
Mexico$57.9 million
South Korea$43.2 million
France$42.1 million
Australia$35.9 million
Brazil$35.6 million
India$30.9 million
Russia$30.1 million
Germany$23.2 million
Italy$21.0 million
Spain$18.5 million
Hong Kong$14.1 million
Taiwan$13.2 million
Argentina$12.0 million
Malaysia$10.8 million
Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) and Spider-Man battle it out in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

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