Spotlight Cinema Networks Partners with Epicenter Experience to Obtain Data on Moviegoer Patterns and Behaviors

Spotlight Cinema Networks, the only cinema advertising company dedicated to serving top U.S. luxury/dine-in and art house theaters, has announced a partnership with Epicenter Experience to bolster understanding of the desirable, educated, professional adult demographic with disposable income.

Epicenter Experience’s proprietary, cloud-based consumer behavior platform, The People Platform, maps movement of devices, visits to points-of-interest locations, and the sequence of these behaviors over time to deliver a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior in the moment. Through their. partnership with Epicenter Experience, Spotlight will gain an unparalleled understanding of moviegoers all over the United States, including insights into moviegoer habits and audience profiles based on visits to over two hundred Spotlight theater locations. Epicenter’s audience profiles include a wide variety of key demographic insights as well as visitation patterns and points of interest among Spotlight patrons. Epicenter’s profiles are then indexed against other moviegoers to empower Spotlight with critical intelligence about the similarities and differences between diverse types of moviegoers.

“Epicenter’s investment in people and technology enables Spotlight to gain key intelligence about our moviegoing audience in a way not previously available to us,” said Michael Sakin, president, Spotlight Cinema Networks. “The People Platform provides Spotlight with the opportunity to deliver valuable, quality audience metrics to our advertising partners while underscoring the unique value of our position within the cinema advertising landscape.”

“I am excited to begin this partnership with Spotlight Cinema Networks to empower them with an in-depth understanding of their moviegoers which will boost their consumer literacy and further cement Spotlight as the leader in the luxury/dine-in and art house movie theatre space. This crystallized comprehension of its consumers enables Spotlight to make data-backed decisions, strengthening relationships and partnerships with key advertisers” said George Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Epicenter Experience.