The Cinema Foundation Study Finds Consumers Favor the Big-Screen Experience

In advance of next week’s CinemaCon, the annual convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), The Cinema Foundation has released its new report on summer moviegoing and the results are illuminating. The summer moviegoing study, “The Value of a Movie Ticket: What Drives Consumers to Big-Screen Entertainment”, was conducted by leading film research firm The Quorum in partnership with The Cinema Foundation during the second week of April, with more than 1,500 consumers participating.

General consumers were asked to choose only one form of out-of-home entertainment, representing the season’s best value, and the majority selected moviegoing as their top pick. Going to the movies ranked higher than amusement parks, sporting events, musical concerts and live shows this summer.
The Cinema Foundation survey offers some key takeaways regarding the value of tickets and concessions, including the following:

Ticket Value:

  • 80% believe that seeing a movie in a theater is a reasonably priced option for bringing together community, family and friends.
  • 85% are excited about their recent theatrical experiences.
  • 72% attend premium large-format (PLF) screens if they feel it will enhance a particular movie’s experience, while 13% will only buy tickets to movies on PLF screens.
  • 69% will look for early showtimes or special days to take advantage of discounted pricing.
  • 66% are still most likely to see movies on the weekends.
  • 67% feel there is a wide variety of choices at the cinema this summer.
  • 64% indicate their theater attendance wouldn’t decrease in an economic downturn, and that they would give up other entertainment activities first.

Concessions Value:

  • 96% regularly buy concessions at the movies.
  • 92% share their concessions with family and friends.
  • 76% contend that the food at dine-in theaters is comparable to the food they would find at a restaurant.
  • 58% indicate that price is not a factor in their decision to buy concessions.
  • 56% buy concessions while taking advantage of rewards programs for refills and upgrades.

“Consumers recognize that moviegoing brings the biggest bang for their summer buck,” says Jackie Brenneman, the president of The Cinema Foundation. “Not only does the cinema remain the most affordable venue for out-of-home entertainment, but it’s also seen as offering the highest value, according to our survey of consumers. The movie theater provides that great escape we’re all demanding and the chance to share exciting experiences and tasty concessions with our family and friends this summer.”

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