Wallis Cinemas Introduce Quake Sound System

Image Courtesy of Wallis Cinemas

South Australia’s Wallis Cinemas took inspiration from a unique 24.10.10 Atmos home cinema system presentation from Krix Loudspeakers and Trinnov Audio when tackling a new sound project at their circuit. 

Krix and Trinnov designed a new system, Quake, meant to reproduce 16 Hz to 18kHz. According to the companies, Quake includes 10 Krix Custom Subwoofers with specially tuned cabinets to extend the low end. Six are paired with the side, and the back wall surrounds with a 15 degree angled front baffle to cosmetically match with the existing surrounds, with the other four behind the screen. The screen channels are Krix 4 ways.
Aside from sub-bass capability, the precise time alignment of all elements of the loudspeaker system, Trinnov’s Ovation Audio processor is designed to deliver clarity and demonstrates an immersive experience from a 7.1 mix.

“Our new cinema concept ‘Quake,’ featuring a range of Krix speakers and Trinnov processing, has been an incredibly successful project. We are extremely pleased with the result and have noticed increased patronage after release to the public. As a matter of fact, we have patrons asking for it,” says Glyn Berry, Manager of Wallis Mitcham Cinemas. 

“We’re very pleased with the support from Krix and Trinnov, with both the installation and ongoing support and training. We feel that we have a lifetime partnership with both these companies and with the success that Quake has seen, we are now expanding to several more locations.”

Image Courtesy of Wallis Cinemas
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