CineLife Entertainment Announces Theatrical Release of The Lumineers: Live From the Artists Den Starting April 1

CineLife Entertainment—the event cinema arm of Spotlight Cinema Networks—has announced that concert film The Lumineers: Live From the Artists Den will be released in theaters in North America beginning April 1.

The theatrical release is a collaboration between CineLife, The Lumineers themselves—a two-time Grammy nominated folk rock band out of Denver, Colorado—and Artists Den Entertainment. The Lumineers: Live From the Artists Den will give moviegoers access to the band’s complete 2016 performance at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, paired with three unreleased songs and heretofore unseen interview footage. The concert film will be paired in theaters with the short film III, a companion piece to The Lumineers’ album of the same name.

Says The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz about the theatrical release: “Pairing our Artists Den show from the Kings Theatre with the film III, the motion picture companion to our album of the same name, is truly special.  We are excited to partner with CineLife to bring our film to the world, providing a unique night of both a live show and a visual album.”

 “At CineLife and Spotlight, we’re dedicated to providing our viewers with content that is not only entertaining, but an immersive experience,” said CineLife EVP Bernadette McCabe. “The Lumineers: Live from the Artists Den is exactly that, allowing audiences to see and hear every visual and musical intricacy of a live performance up close. Especially as we now have more comprehensive measures in place for safe viewing than ever before, we’re excited to welcome audiences to experience this imaginative convergence of music and film in their local cinemas.”

“The Artists Den’s mission has always been to offer fans an intimate musical experience with extraordinary artists,” adds Artists Den Entertainment CEO Mark Lieberman. “After a difficult year for both music fans and artists, we’re excited to partner with Spotlight and CineLife to bring the magic of live performance to the big screen. The Lumineers: Live from the Artists Den is the perfect example of synergy between artist, venue, and audience, and we can’t wait to share this once-in-a-lifetime performance with fans across the country.

Artists Den Entertainment’s collaboration with CineLife was announced in January 2020 with the goal of bringing the experience of the Emmy-nominated show Live from the Artists Den to the big screen.

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