Introducing Boxoffice Pulse

This weekend, Boxoffice is pleased to announce the launch of its new Pulse Report.

The tool provides our readers with a high-level overview of individual film performances, including visual representations of lifespan box office trends and comparisons to similar movies.

You can look up individual films by using the search field at the top of any Pulse page.

Pulse’s homepage also features a direct read of yearly, monthly, weekend, weekly, and daily comparisons, as well as the ability to view top performers from a variety of categories within each of those time frames — such as the top box office earners based on genre, studio, director, and star.

Please be aware this feature is still in beta release. Our team is in the process of addressing data gaps and expanding available information. Statistics are currently available from 2008 onward.

Check out Pulse and please contact Boxoffice with any suggestions or feedback.