Megaplex Theatres Becomes First Chain to Sign with Atom Tickets for Custom Subscription Service

Image Courtesy of Megaplex Theatres

Just shy of six weeks after the announcement of their custom white label subscription platform, Atom Movie Access, Atom Tickets has found their first partner in Megaplex Theaters. 

Boasting 16 locations across Utah and Nevada, Megaplex jumps into the subscription space with MegaPass, launched today throughout all its locations. As part of Megaplex’s partnership with Atom Movie Access, the MegaPass program is accessed exclusively through the Atom Tickets app, giving MegaPass customers access to Atom Ticket’s base-level services (e.g., mobile check-in, advanced ticketing, and reserved seating) in addition to those offered by the subscription service itself. Those include two movies a month for a fee of $14.95, plus waived convenience fees and discounts on both concessions and “PlusOne” tickets. While premium formats like 3-D, Dolby Atmos, D-Box and Imax are included under the plan, other special screenings—including marathons and double bills, Fathom Events screenings, and VIP Auditoriums screenings—are exempt. 

On the back-end side, Atom Movie Access manages MegaPass’ payment processes, customer service support, fraud detection, and anti-abuse measures.

“Megaplex was among the first exhibitors to partner with Atom Tickets when it launched its app a couple years back, and as part of our ongoing relationship we continuously explore new opportunities to expand the ticketing experience and guest access to entertainment,” said Megaplex Theatres presdient Blake Andersen in a statement. “Given our long-term relationship with Atom, we trust the platform and team to deliver this exceptional new service for our guests. We know that movie fans are going to love MegaPass.”

Atom Tickets is one of a handful of companies that have entered the white-label subscription space. Boxoffice parent company Webedia Movies Pro assisted the UK-based Everyman Cinema with their own subscription platform. Influx Worldwide announced their own B2B subscription service provider, Infinity, at this year’s CinemaCon. In October 2018 MoviePass competitor Sinemia was the first company to get into the white-label subscription solution space with Sinemia Enterprise, which as of March 2019 had partnered with more than 10 chains worldwide. Sinemia made news late last month when they announced that they would be shutting down their U.S. subscription services, “effective immediately.” No announcement has yet been made about whether Sinemia Enterprise will remain in operation. 

Image Courtesy of Megaplex Theatres
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