NCM Expands Data Intelligence Platform, NCMx, with New Product Capabilities in Collaboration with Neustar and ElementalTV

Courtesy National CineMedia

Cinema advertising leader National CineMedia (NCM) is adding Neustar and ElemntalTV as partners to continue to grow its data intelligence platforms. With Elemental TV, on-screen ads are made into interactive shoppable content. Neustar will improve insights for NCM by providing brands with advanced marketing analytics. 

“NCM seized the opportunity to innovate and invest in building one of the most robust data intelligence platforms in the industry during the pandemic as theaters were shut down. The NCMx platform is the result of that commitment. We are thrilled to have Neustar and ElementalTV on board as part of the growing capabilities and product offerings within NCMx. These partners are integral to helping us fulfill our vision of transforming NCM into a next-gen, data-led company and delivering quantifiable business outcomes to clients and advertisers,” shared Manu Singh, SVP, strategic insights & analytics at NCM.

NCMx connects advertisers to consumers before, during and after screenings across 1,600 theaters with over 20,600 screens in the United States, reaching over 600 million moviegoers annually. Marketers can leverage NCM to execute advanced audience-matching against key geographic, behavioral, and contextual targets on the big screen, as well as use the NCMx capabilities to retarget moviegoers with digital ads and mobile offers. The platforms also counts on Catalina, Affinity Solutions, PlaceIQ, Crossix and Kochava as partners. 

“NCM’s robust data and intelligence on their moviegoing audience integrated with our industry-leading data and analytics solutions will be transformational for cinema advertising. From reach and frequency analytics to marketing attribution, this partnership delivers one of the most comprehensive views of the moviegoing audience in the industry, benefiting brands in countless new ways,” said Steve Silvers, SVP Product at Neustar, a TransUnion company.

NCM cites research that shows elevated levels of consumer spending compared to typical spending patterns on the day of theater visits across multiple categories. For example, after leaving the cinema, consumers spend on average 20% more per month, with nearly 45% of audiences going out to eat following the movie and more than 23% engaging in retail shopping. 

“We know cinema advertising is one of the most engaging and effective mediums to reach consumers,” said Scott Felenstein, NCM’s president – sales, marketing and partnerships. “The NCMx platform provides incredible value to our clients. We have seen sales lifts ranging from 12% – 29% for CPG and QSR partners along with increased key business metrics such as app downloads, in-app purchases and in-store traffic, outperforming CTV norms.”

Courtesy National CineMedia

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