Facebook Watch – Slow Week sees ‘Sausage Party’ Lead

Monday Afternoon Update: This past week ending Sunday June 5 saw the top 10 have the lowest number of new likes for any week in 2016 so far. To elaborate further, the top 2 films from the week before had more likes (240,085 new likes for Warcraft and Now You See Me 2) than the entire top 10 this past week (225,979). Sausage Party was the top new like-getting on the week with 50,643 new likes which gave it a hefty 47% jump overall to 159,176. Still two months from release, the film is a difficult one to find comparisons for since it is the first of its kind ever (3D computer animated R-rated film). If we look at some of Seth Rogen’s recent R-rated comedies and their Facebook numbers two months out we see The Night Before had 27,410 likes (went up to just over 200,000 likes over the next 6 days though thanks to its first trailer), while This Is The End had 229,285 likes. So assuming that Sausage Party is going to tackle the exact same demographic as some of Rogen’s latest comedies would see this in the $10-$20 million range on opening so far which would be a positive outcome considering its reported budget of $30 million.

Central Intelligence has been very quiet over the past few months, but now just two weekends to release its made a top 5 appearance with 28,563 new likes, bringing its total to 182,348. Kevin Hart films tend to not have a big Facebook following as a rule with Get Hard not even breaking 150,000 new likes a couple weeks before release while Ride Along was significantly better off with 531,956 likes.

Everyone’s favourite punching bag Ghostbusters took third spot with 26,926 new likes on the week, seeing it on the brink of crossing 2.8 million total likes. Despite all the negative sentiment and articles about the film if it can manage to put forward a strong film which connects with critics it is well-positioned to have the last laugh and cash in on all the buzz, both negative and positive.

That first trailer for Don’t Breathe had Facebook panting over the past week where it saw a 38% bump in overall likes to 96,524. This matched its strong reception on Twitter as well and despite it opening in the traditional wasteland of late August it has a lot going for it at this time.

Finding Dory lands in the top 5 slot as well with 21,529 likes. The film has employed a curious campaign where it has both an official Finding Nemo and Finding Dory page which are updated with material for the upcoming sequel. The Finding Nemo page has over 19,000,000 likes and counting, which surely dilutes some of the numbers on its other page but even with that in mind 2 million plus likes for an animated film prior to release on a net new page is huge.

Facebook Top 10 Movies by Like Increase for the last week Ending Sunday June 5

Rank Release Movie Likes Change % Change
1 08/12/16 Sausage Party 159,176 50,643 46.66%
2 06/17/16 Central Intelligence 182,348 28,563 18.57%
3 07/15/16 Ghostbusters (2016) 2,794,660 26,926 0.97%
4 08/26/16 Don’t Breathe 96,524 26,626 38.09%
5 06/17/16 Finding Dory 2,114,249 21,529 1.03%
6 07/15/16 The Infiltrator 43,766 16,234 58.96%
7 08/05/16 Suicide Squad 2,580,539 15,493 0.60%
8 07/01/16 The Purge: Election Year 2,754,696 14,492 0.53%
9 07/01/16 The Legend of Tarzan 312,256 13,311 4.45%
10 07/08/16 The Secret Life of Pets 1,707,153 12,162 0.72%
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