HQ Trivia Starts Movie-Themed Trivia Night Wednesdays, Sponsored by National CineMedia (NCM)

With players competing for a total pot of $5,000, the live mobile game show HQ Trivia launched a weekly movie-themed trivia night on Wednesday, June 24.

Occurring live at 9 P.M. Eastern time every Wednesday, 90,128 players entered last night’s inaugural live game, sponsored by cinema advertising network National CineMedia (NCM) and hosted by former HQ Words host Anna Roisman making her long-awaited return.

Here’s how it works. Twelve multiple-choice questions about movies are given, with three options listed. Players have 10 seconds to tap the box that contains their answer on their phone or mobile device. One question wrong and you’re out, though you can still keep watching the game. Every player answering all 12 questions correctly wins their evenly-divided share of $5,000.

Last night’s final question was: “In the original Escape Room, a character’s supposed name anagrams to what? Adam Robitel, Escape Room, or No Way Out.” 57.2 percent of contestants got that one right, with “No Way Out.”

The question stumping the highest percentage of contestants was question 4: “The Candyman franchise is based on the works of what author? Stephen King, Clive Barker, or Neil Gaiman.” 53.1 percent of contestants got that one right, with Clive Barker.

9,262 players won the final prize, representing about 10.3 percent of all players.

“Movie trivia is always a huge hit with fans, and this is a great way for movie audiences to get excited about getting back to the big screen this summer,” National CineMedia’s Vice President of Digital Ad Sales Jerry Canning said in a press release. “We’re looking forward to working with top brands like Tribeca to sponsor the new HQ Movie Trivia Night and to help them connect with this valuable and highly-engaged movie-loving audience on a new digital platform.”

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