National CineMedia (NCM) Launches New Data Intelligence Platform NCMx

Image courtesy: National CineMedia (NCM)

National CineMedia (NCM) announced Monday the launch of NCMx, a new data, insights, and analytics platform using the company’s knowledge and data about moviegoer behavior to connect brands with custom audiences in theaters, as well as on digital screens — both before and after attending movies.

The platform will allow NCM to execute advanced audience-matching against key geographic, behavioral, and contextual targets on the big screen, as well as use the NCMx capabilities to retarget moviegoers with digital ads and mobile offers afterwards.

“Movie theaters continue to attract and capture the undivided attention of this highly desirable 18-34-year-old audience en masse,” NCM’s President of Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships Scott Felenstein said in a company press release. “With NCMx, cinema is now more targetable, measurable and accountable than ever before, offering brands highly customized, hard-to-reach audience segments with clear business outcomes.”

The announcement was made at the company’s upfront presentation for advertisers in New York City.

The company also announced an addition to their existing Noovie pre-show content series, including the trivia game The Noovie Trivia Show. Debuting in June, the game will be hosted by Maria Menounos and also available on NCM’s Noovie Trivia app.

NCM is the largest domestic cinema advertising network, with their pre-show Noovie programming presented in circuits including AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.

Image courtesy: National CineMedia (NCM)

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