Reel Cinemas Ltd Announces Partnership with Showtime Analytics

Showtime Analytics announced an agreement Monday with Reel Cinemas Ltd, the independent British cinema exhibition chain, to provide their operational data platforms and customer communication solutions.

The company’s technological offerings include Showtime Insights (which offers real-time analytics on items ranging from tickets to concessions), Showtime Benchmark (which collates an exhibitor’s box office data on categories from individual movies to genres and days of the week), and Showtime Engage (which provides behavioral data analysis of repeat customers and allows for personalized marketing).

Reel Cinemas Ltd currently operates 15 multiplexes with 78 screens, across the U.K., including two sites which opened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the past month, Showtimes Analytics has also signed partnerships with Southern Theatres and with Ireland’s Omniplex Cinemas.

“One of the biggest changes our industry has seen as a result of the COVID pandemic is a huge growth in online ticket sales, with the vast majority of all Reel Cinemas tickets now sold in advance via our website or app,” Reel Cinemas’ Head of Operations Muhammad Faisal said in a press release. “Working with Mark DeQuervain and the team at Showtime Analytics offers us an unrivalled opportunity to better understand those customers’ behaviors and desires. [This] means we can best communicate with each of them as individuals, ensuring they are fully aware of the films coming to their local Reel Cinema that will most appeal to them and their families.”

“Reel Cinemas have done a phenomenal job of demonstrating growth through innovation over the last 20 years, and we have watched their journey as they have evolved and developed even through the midst of a global pandemic,” Showtime Analytics’ CEO Richie Power added. “To be a part of the next chapter in Reel’s story is a true recognition of how leading exhibitors are trending towards a data driven approach to understanding and growing their business.”

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