Twitter Futures: ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ In Charge

Friday Afternoon Update: In the vacuum left by Suicide Squad on our upcoming Twitter watch list Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has stepped up and been hugely impressive over the last couple weeks. A combination of its latest trailers and all the news, conjecture and hype surrounding the plot has brought it into the limelight for much of August much like its predecessor Star Wars: The Force Awakens which dominated social media for the majority of the second half of 2015. Rogue One is definitely following the same blueprint with early and constant media releases which are fuelling the interest of the vast Star Wars fanbase.

Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One both remained in the top 10 where they have been for much of August as well after their respective trailers were released. The DC Extended Universe is alive and kicking despite the lackluster reviews of its entries thus far.

Dunkirk had a sharp fall as was expected after leading last week due to its first trailer. With almost a full year until its release it will likely fall out of the top 10 for much of the next 6-9 months if Interstellar is any indication.

Hidden Figures released its first trailer which led to a massive bump on Monday to almost 15,000 tweets, helping to propel it to a crazy percentage increase of over 10,000% since it was completely off of Twitter’s radar up until that point.

Twitter Top 10 Movies for the week of August 12 to August 18

Date Movie Tweets Rank Change
12/16/16 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 160,179 1 (+1) 59.96%
6/02/17 Wonder Woman 48,580 2 (+1) 17.29%
7/21/17 Dunkirk 47,022 3 (-2) -71.42%
11/17/17 Justice League Part One 41,470 4 (-) 22.00%
1/13/17 Hidden Figures 28,614 5 (+68) 10657.14%
8/19/16 War Dogs 27,584 6 (+7) 275.86%
11/04/16 Doctor Strange 27,125 7 (+2) 80.86%
3/03/17 Wolverine 23,894 8 (-1) -6.58%
3/17/17 Beauty and the Beast (2017) 19,365 9 (-1) 26.56%
2/17/17 The Great Wall 10,559 10 (-) -19.53%